JavaServer Pages Illuminated (Jones & Bartlett, Boston, Oct 2007)
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"The author has the ability to develop a complex topic with easy to understand examples that work as steps in the understanding of the concept."  Hong K. Sung
Univ. of Central Oklahoma
"Easy to understand writing style
and examples."
 Dr. Prabhakar Metlapalli is author of the best-selling book "JavaServer Pages Illuminated".  He worked as an Adjunct Asst Professor of Computer Science at the University of Maryland University College in College Park, Maryland, and also as a full-time Java Developer with a B2B e-procurement company in USA.   He currently works full-time as a Guidance and Control Engineer. Dr. Metlapalli earned his Ph.D. in Engineering from West Virginia University and Master of Technology from Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.) Kanpur.
 Java Review
It is the only JSP book that includes a very detailed review of all relevant Java (including Packages) and HTML topics - so it's like having 3 books rolled into one: Java, HTML and JSP.
 No Applets/GUI
It intentionally avoids use of Applets and AWT/Swing throughout, so as not to intimidate the reader and allow him/her to focus on the rest of Java, especially the most commonly used topics that are relevant in a real-world programming environment.
Solved exercises, quizzes and unsolved assignments for every topic - so it's ideal as a course textbook.
It uses easy-to-understand examples and writing style to explain complex concepts.
For each topic, it explains why that topic is useful, along with how it relates to the previous topic. So the topics progress in a logical way and the reader is able to track the vast amount of information instead of getting lost in pages of a "reference book".
 Industry + Academia
Dr. Metlapalli has the unique background of having worked as a JSP developer in U.S. industry for several years as well as having worked as Adjunct Faculty in the Univ of Maryland system - so you get the best of both worlds: industry and academia.
Dr. Metlapalli's JSP Book at ACM's SIGCSE 2008:
ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) is a premier organization in the U.S. that provides resources for Computer Science education and research. SIGCSE (Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education) (created by ACM) represents Computer Science educators and professors from all over the world. Every year, SIGCSE holds a symposium to discuss the latest trends in Computer Science education. The world's leading publishers of textbooks, including names such as McGraw-Hill, John Wiley, Jones & Bartlett, etc. had booths to display their latest publications. SIGCSE 2008 was held March 12-15, 2008 in Portland, OR. Dr. Metlapalli's book titled JavaServer Pages Illuminated was on display in the Jones & Bartlett booth at SIGCSE 2008.

Dr. Metlapalli's JSP book is also listed on ACM's portal site for computing literature.
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